About Us

Educate.ie is Ireland’s new educational publishing imprint based in Castleisland, Co. Kerry. We aim to give teachers the books they need to help them meet the excitement and challenge of today’s classroom. We do this by producing books that capture students’ attention through the quality of their content, expression and design. What’s more, we are dedicated to producing books at prices that parents can afford.

We believe that real ideas start in the classroom, when the teacher’s skill touches the mind of the student. Our role is to create books which provide a platform for this interaction. Our books have been commissioned by experienced educationalists to match the development of the primary and post primary curriculum. We are particularly proud of our contributors for the expertise and commitment they bring to their subjects. Each one is expert in her or his field, and has years of classroom experience as a teacher.

Teachers should feel free to contact us and request an inspection copy of any of the books on our list. Educate.ie employs the resources of one of Ireland’s most well-established printers, Walsh Colour Print, which means that all our books are originated and produced in Ireland. That’s our further commitment to our young people’s future.